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If you think you'd like to do something with Shiretoko or Firefox, why not try something like this?

Getting involved with "Shiretoko"


Could you tell others about this website?

Please tell people around you about this Discover Shiretoko website, which tells the history of activities to protect nature in Shiretoko. It would really help many people to know about the natural wonders of Shiretoko!


Take a trip to Shiretoko?

If you like traveling, but have never been to Shiretoko, why not add it to the possible destinations for your next trip? We hope you will visit Shiretoko, full of natural beauty that changes with the seasons, and fall in love with it even more.

Wikitravel - Shiretoko National Park travel guide


Participate in volunteer activities?

If you want to literally "roll up your sleeves" for Shiretoko, why not join local volunteer activities? You might meet wonderful friends as you sweat together to achieve a common goal!

Shiretoko Nature Foundation - Join Us


Join a project to regenerate forest for the future?

Why not join the "100 Movement Forest Trust," which is an initiative with an ambitious dream to regenerate primeval nature one or two hundred years in the future? Your goodwill in the form of a donation will help to protect and nurture the forest.

Shiretoko Nature Foundation - Join Us


Become a supporter of activities to protect nature in Shiretoko?

If you feel Shiretoko is too far away, and it is difficult to participate as a volunteer, but would like to lend your helping hand, why not become a supporting member? Please support our activities to "learn, protect and communicate" about nature in Shiretoko.

Shiretoko Nature Foundation - Join Us

Also... Small day-to-day efforts, such as turning off the room light regularly and reducing garbage, ultimately help to protect nature and the environment in Shiretoko. Even reading this page to learn what we have to say helps to support this work in the future.

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Getting involved with "Firefox & Mozilla"


Join the Mozilla Community?

If you are interested in promoting Firefox and the Mozilla mission to others, you could get involved with the Mozilla marketing community. There are many ways to participate, from displaying banner adverts on your blog or website, to speaking in public or even to organising your own event.

Community Marketing Guide


Try using Firefox?

If you aren't using Firefox yet, why not take this opportunity to try it out? Firefox is easy to install, and your "bookmarks" and other features can easily be migrated and used as is. Please try out this powerful new browser favored by more than 360 million people, and used by a fourth of the Internet users around the world.

Spread Firefox Affiliate Button


Inform others how to use Firefox?

Help us inform others around you how to use Firefox. Explaining how to use the Firefox support Web site, sharing what you know about Firefox on your blog, or any other small step to inform others might be a big help to someone.

Firefox Support Home Page


Help translate information about Firefox?

Consider translating information on Firefox written in English into your language. You only have to translate as much as you want of the documents you choose, and other volunteers will help you with your questions.

Localizing Firefox Support


Help create a localized version of Firefox with us?

Consider participating in volunteer work to make Firefox more usable in your language. Firefox is translated into more that 70 languages by people who want to use it in their mother tongue. Please lend us a helping hand to make Firefox easier for everyone to use.

Mozilla's Localization Home Page


Try making add-ons?

If you are able to program JavaScript, why not try making Firefox add-ons? There are plenty of developer tools, reference materials and study groups, and the add-ons you create may be used by people around the world.

Developing add-ons


Participate in development of Firefox?

If you have experience as a software engineer or are aiming to become one, why not participate in the development of Firefox? Together let's report bugs, create patches, program core features, and build a better Web for the future of all Internet users.

Participating in the Mozilla project

Also... Letting people know that they can choose from among various browsers, and that there are activities to protect the freedom of the Web and create its future leads to improving the Web for everyone. Even by reading this page to learn what we have to say, you are helping to support this work in the future.

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